Prevent Hazardous Electrical Shocks

Hire us for GFCI installation services

Are you installing an electrical outlet near your swimming pool? Is your kitchen sink located near a major power outlet? To prevent hazardous electrical shocks caused by water, you should hire Bolla Electrical to rewire your outlets for a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). That way, your outlet can stop misdirected electrical currents before they cause harm.

To learn more about our GFCI installation services, reach out now to speak with an electrician.

Providing 24-hour GFCI services

You can rely on us for all your GFCI needs. Please keep these facts in mind when you request our installation services:

  • You can call us for 24-hour support
  • We work with all GFCI brands and models
  • We can replace your existing outlets with GFCI outlets
Rest easy knowing you're protected from unexpected electrical shocks - contact us today to get GFCI installation services.

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